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Breeches PS of Sweden summer breeches

Hello! I’m sorry I’ve been delayed with writing the breeches fit blog. This post is all about my own impression of the PS of Sweden Britney breeches.

During my unintended hiatus, I took home a pair of PS of Sweden Britney breeches. I wasn’t sure how I would like them. They are lightweight material and very stretchy. Their texture is a little more rough feeling compared to the Romfhs (I’m a texture of fabric person). They have a wider waistband and sit higher than the Romfhs.

My shape has changed some with the broken leg. My breeches are tighter around the middle, although I didn’t gain weight. I put the Britneys on and they did a FABULOUS job of holding my middle in and giving me a much more flattering shape. I definitely had to see how they felt to ride in.

Being a little rounder in the seat, presents its own issues. There is rubbing and chafing that can happen, especially if the fabric is thinner. I am happy to report that I felt so comfortable in the saddle and had a great ride. Many selling points of what I look for in breeches were checked!

I washed them, and hung them dry. I put them on and they had gone back to the pre-ride shape and size, which I like. When breeches do this, they tend to last and continue to be more flattering longer. The silicone held up wonderfully and my second ride in them was even more comfortable than the first. Just this weekend, I had my third ride, and I am still very happy with them and actually look forward to riding in them weekly. 

A few things about them that I would like to point out. There is no bling. They are very understated, but so is their price at $159.00. With the slightly rougher fabric, they show a little more dust than Romfhs do. However, they dry out much faster, a huge point if you live in the south or in humid climates.

Overall I would highly recommend theses breeches. If you have a short torso, you may not love them. I loved that they came up a little higher in the waist, and that they stayed in place while I was riding. The price point for them is right on the money (pun intended of course).

Please continue to send me questions and feedback on the breeches and tights you purchase from us. 

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