Breeches Fit Guide Part 2

I wrote the first installment of the Breeches Fit Guide about three weeks before we went to the American Equestrian Trade Association trade show. At that time, I was going off of our current selection of breeches and I had in the back of my mind the new breeches the shop had coming in for the spring. What I had not anticipated was meeting, and becoming partners with, so many amazing new companies last week.

As I move forward with this part of the blog, I realized that the breeches I review might not always be available in the future from us. It could be that they are discontinued, were seasonal, or we found something that worked better for our client base. The Breeches Fit Guide will feature what we currently have in stock.

When buying breeches, Carolyn and I focus on three things. The cut/shape, the rise (waist height) and the quality of the breeches for what they cost. We then look at the details (are they pretty), the sizes offered, and color (what will they go with).

For this post, I’m going to focus on our brands of HKM and ELT. Both brands are known for their quality, price points, and following of trends. They are affordable, comfortable, and fit a wide range of people. They are a fan favorite, and are a great entry breech.


Breeches from HKM tend to have a mid-rise, or what I call a higher mid-rise. They don’t tend to do a true high waist. Some HKM breeches have a higher back, which people with longer torsos like to help keep their shirts tucked in and it gives some support to their longer lower backs. Some have waists that do not have the higher back, and look great on people with shorter torsos.

HKM has perfected the lightweight breech with a great quality of silicone. We have never had an issue with the silicone coming off the breeches when cared for correctly. They size a smidge smaller than Romfh’s. Their sizing in the past was a little unpredictable, but they have worked to correct it, and have a much more streamlined sizing system now.

HKM breeches fit the athletic body as well as one with some curves. They do well with short to medium length torsos. People with extremely long torsos, or have a lot of curves, might not like these as much.

The fabric of the HKM lightweight breeches is so breathable, and comfortable. But being so thin can have some fallbacks when it comes to us ladies. They do not hide things as well as their counterparts that are more expensive, nor do they have the compression component to them. We love HKM, and their products, but we want to be transparent with you. Do I, as very fluffy shaped individual, have their breeches? Absolutely! They are my summer's hottest day breeches, I just go up a size so the fabric is not overly stretched over my assets.


We currently have one full run of these. They are super breeches with a beautiful diamond stitching detail on the sides and back. ELT is well known for their quality and consistency. They are a staple of riders in Europe.

This pair of ELT’s is called the Alina. It looks great on the athletic body and had an extended size run. The fabric isn’t quite as breathable, but they hide EVERYTHING! Wow. These would be the perfect breech for short to medium waisted people looking for a true mid-rise.

They are very comfortable, as all ELT and Waldhausen breeches are. We love the price point on them ($100), as well as the shade of navy that we have in stock. It goes with almost anything that has a dark blue in it.

In closing...

You will definitely will get your money out of these two brands of breeches. They are great breeches for those of you looking to get into riding, but not sure you want to invest a lot of money yet. We have some great older HKM breeches on sale online and on our live shows. Be sure to go check them out. 


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