No Matter how old I am, I’ll always want a pony for Christmas.

A passion for equestrian fashion.™

Favorite Things

Lee's Favorite Things

Fideos (aka “Mr. Naughtypants”) loves these two grooming tools, Eco Pure Rubber Big Touch Groomer and the Eco Pure All Hands Grooming Glove.  Even though he’s an Andalusian, he has sensitive skin. The “Big Touch Groomer” is his favorite along his back and spine. As it’s cleaning and massaging him, he really relaxes. He stretches out his neck and then his lower lip quivers. The “Grooming Glove” is his favorite everywhere else! It’s particularly good in those tough to reach spots and gentle on his sensitive skin. The “Grooming Glove” also does a great job of lifting up the loose hair during spring shedding season.

Lee loves that they’re priced well. And, yes, his name means “noodles”  in Spanish.               

Gretchen's Favorite Things

Summer is upon us, and it is going to be hot one. The last two weeks when I have ridden after work, the temperature has been in the high 80’s and low 90’s. I have a pretty high heat tolerance, but the humidity of Central Texas (I grew up in Santa Fe, NM where there is no humidity) zaps everything out of me. Since opening the tack shop, I have learned so much about cooling and sun protection products.

Right now, I am especially loving two items from our cooling lines, the Romfh Chill Factor Sun Shirt and the TechNiche Evaporating Cooling Vest. I tend to feel constricted by most technical shirts, but this sun shirt is so lightweight, and the cut is so forgiving that you do not feel like you are wearing a long sleeve shirt at all. The cooling vest is simply fabulous. You soak it for two minutes and then wring it out. As you move around the water evaporates, activating the cooling technology inside the vest. It is not heavy, and again, I do not feel constricted by it. It made riding in 90 degrees feel like riding in in the 70’s.

These two items paired together are life changing for riding during the summer in Texas, and other places with similar climates. We will be also carrying cooling items for horses and dogs in the near future. Look for it to be under Theo’s favorite things.

Stay Cool My Friends,


Customer Spotlight....

Meet the Tack Ladies!

Our motto is "A Passion for Equestrian Fashion!"

Gretchen  Lee own horses and are always looking for the best products for us and our horses. Knowing that horse gear (human or equine) can be very expensive, we’ve found manufacturers that can provide excellent quality at affordable prices.

Meet Lee

Lee Parmenter asked for a pony every birthday and Christmas until she started High School. Then, other interests took over and she didn’t return to horses until she was in her 40s. Once she and hubby, Bob, moved to Salado, Texas, she met and fell in love with an Andalusian gelding named Fideos. Yes, his name means pasta and he can be as goofy as the name implies. With her bestie, Gretchen, Lee is excited to bring fabulous products and services (talk to us about our concierge service for your barn!) to the many amazing riders and families of riders in the greater Texas area.

Meet Gretchen

Gretchen started riding western at an early age before switching to dressage in middle school. She was a member of the Oklahoma State University National Champion horse judging team and the NCAA equestrian team.

Gretchen has returned to riding and dressage in the past five years. She owns and shows her new gelding Theodore Roosevelt, who is mix of many breeds, and is more like a teddy bear. When Gretchen is not teaching high school science or riding, she is living her childhood (and adulthood) dream of horses and retail with her horse BFF. Gretchen loves to find unique and fun items for Theodore Roosevelt GS and herself, which is why she wanted to start the business and bring the same quality and fun items to Central Texas!

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