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Hello, everyone. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog. If you didn’t know, Carolyn and I both have “real jobs” until the tack shop can fully support itself.

Carolyn is a physicist, and works in a pharmaceutical plant where she does data analysis, quality control, and systems safety/control. All I know is she gets to sometimes wear steal toed boots, a hazmat suit, and can go see what’s happening everywhere….

I am a biology teacher, sometimes I get to stretch my brain and teach things like human anatomy and physiology, environmental science, or some other life science. I tell you all of this because the end of school (May) was a little hectic, and after two shows in Katy, we took a little vacation.

But we are back, and I can’t wait to share with you the new items we have gotten in. In this post, I will go over some of our new breeches. I will do the new shirts next week.

The Megan full seat silicone breech is a beautiful, super lightweight, water and dust resistant breech that rivals the others in its class. They have a mid-rise, the cut is beautiful and looks great on just about any body type. I’ve put it one ladies with curves and athletic builds, and they all love them. They retail for $199, pricing them a little lower than their counterparts from other brands.

We have begun carrying two European brands, Eurostar and Imperial Riding. I can not begin to tell you how excited I am for these breeches. Eurostar is the a well known brand abroad. People like them because they are well made, innovative and are often trend setters. The pair we have in currently, Equitation Queen Diamond, are swoon worthy. They are super lightweight, have a mid-rise, and have bling! They may not be the ideal breech if you are 6 foot and your legs are 5ft long. I suggest trying the size up if you are between sizes.

I have been trying to get Imperial Riding since the moment we opened our doors five and a half years ago! They are so stretchy, comfortable, and are true to size. They have a mid/high rise, bling, and they are made to last. Priced at $138.60, they are a steal! Did I mention how much I love them? We are currently sold out, but I talked to the rep today and told her I must have more ASAP because I even sold my pair!

Canter Culture has coined a new term, the athletic breech. These athletic breeches are pull on, with a silicone full seat. They have a high rise (new rises are in the works), are so stretchy and breathable. I love these breeches because they are fun to pair with your Kastel shirts and PS of Sweden saddles pads. The ladies that own the brand think way outside of the box, and find beautiful colors and patterns to complement shirts and pads from previous lines of these two brands, and look to see what the coming trends are. These are so comfortable you forget you’re wearing breeches until you try to slide out of your car and the silicone holds you in place.

Carolyn and I have had a lot of discussions about the direction we want our shop to go when it comes to brands. We both feel strongly about quality, price, women run or owned companies, and making sure we carry things that you can’t find in the big stores. We love a lot of brands that we are phasing out for different reasons, but think that we have found the best alternatives to meet the needs of our clients.

We love hearing from you, and what your thoughts are. Please feel free to send us your thoughts on any items you purchase from us. If there is a brand you think would be a good fit for us, we want to hear about it! We are always looking for new brands (to us or in the industry). Also, any Facebook or Google reviews are always appreciated.

Give your horse a hug and kiss from us,
The Tack Ladies

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