Halter Ego Evolution Breeches Review

Breeches Halter Ego summer breeches

Lately, I have been trying diversify my breeches collection. I tried the Halter Ego Perfection 2.0 breeches and I was pleased with them. I liked the high waist in the back and the black with white piping sings to my preppy heart. Then I tried on the Evolution breeches, and it was a complete game changer.

They fit me so well. The waistband is a little thicker than other brands, giving your waist more support (not rolling down or getting crunched) and it stays in place. Inside of the waistband, there is silicone to help keep your shirt tucked in. I don’t wear my shirt tucked in, but the silicone doesn’t rub my skin and it is actually very comfortable. They have a high enough rise, that they hit me at a very becoming place on my body. They stay in place beautifully as I ride and there is no pinching to increase the love handles on my side. I feel safe, secure and I feel better when riding.

Carolyn was just as pleased when she put on her Evolution breeches. She has an athletic build, so we worried about how they would look on her. They made her look so fantastic! I sent a picture right away to the owner of Halter Ego so she could see for herself. We have tried them on a variety of body types, and sizes since they come up to a size 40, and they have been beautiful on each one. We would recommend perhaps going up one size from your normal breeches.  

We are blown away by the quality of the breeches and the how well they wear. I’ve been washing and wearing mine every few days for almost three weeks and they look brand new. They continue to be comfortable and ride exceptionally well.

In the months leading up to the country’s shutdown due to Covid, I talked to Wendy and Asia many times about their bridles and their breeches that they were beginning to launch. I am so happy to say that three years later, everything they promised, and more, have been delivered by these breeches.

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