Cavallo Breeches are Here, and I am in Love

Breeches Cavallo

Hello, everyone!

My ongoing search for the perfect breeches at all price points continues. We all know that the Evolution by Halter Ego is my go to for breeches. However, they are more on the pricey side. Cavallo is one of my favorite brands that is very price friendly. I love their shirts, and I am finding their breeches to be pretty amazing. 

Last week I tried on the new Cavallo breeches we got in. The Candera's are some of the most comfortable breeches I have ever put on. The breeches are made from a wonderful cooling fabric that is so stretchy - I would definitely go down a size. These are high waisted breeches with a wide waistband and some crystal accents. They were not my favorite look on my body type, but they looked amazing on Carolyn. The retail price of these breeches are $150 plus taxes.

The other pair of Cavallo's I tried on were the Calima's. They also felt amazing, and I. They are so comfortable and I love the back of them. They are like an accordion in the back, so they can fit the rise of your waist. The fabric is great for all seasons and has a nice stretch to it, while still holding you in. They have crystal accents on the back and Cavallo is done in crystals on the left leg. I have ridden, worked in the shop, and run errands in them. They are fabulous and priced at $159 plus taxes. 

I hope this helps you pick out your next pair of breeches. If you have questions, feel free to message me on Facebook!

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