Deinhardt Designs Prints with Purpose Petals Long Sleeved Training Shirt
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Deinhardt Designs Prints with Purpose Petals Long Sleeved Training Shirt

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The “PETALS for PARKINSON’S” design is brought forward in collaboration with retailer Gretchen Summers of Salado Creek Tack Shop LLC in honor of 2 people who are very special to us.

A portion of the proceeds from this design are donated to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and Prevention in the name of these 2 people, with the many others who suffer from this disease in our hearts and minds.


• Hand painted watercolor design
• UPF 30+ ultra-violet protection
• Breathable lightweight fabric of 90% micro-polyester/ 10% spandex
• Antibacterial odor reduction


The "Prints with a Purpose" tier is more than just a collection – it's a beacon of hope, a tribute to compassion, and a testament to the power of collaboration. Each print is carefully crafted to tell a story, reflecting our dedication to causes that align with our core values. A portion of the proceeds from every sale within this tier is devoted to charitable organizations, transforming your purchase into a catalyst for change.

Our DEINHARDT DESIGNS FOUNDATION design benefits our own foundation that is dedicated to providing opportunities to deserving equestrians in their respective goals.

Our Founder Ally recognizes the financial challenges that many aspiring equestrians face. As someone who struggled with access to the sport growing up, Ally desires to give riders in a similar position a 'leg-up' towards their dreams. She knows that she would not be where she is today without the kindness and generosity of others, and wishes to use this foundation to pay it forward.

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