Kavalkade Bridle "Reyna" KavalSH4
Kavalkade Bridle "Reyna" KavalSH4
Kavalkade Bridle "Reyna" KavalSH4
Kavalkade Bridle "Reyna" KavalSH4
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Kavalkade Bridle "Reyna" KavalSH4

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"Reyna" snaffle bridle with detachable flash strap without visible bracket
For the first time we are offering snaffle bridles with the addition KavalSH4. These are bridles with a detachable flash strap. The special thing about it is that the bracket for the flash strap is not visible, as is the case with conventional bridles with a removable flash strap. Unlike traditional snaffles with visible flash strap brackets, KavalSH4 snaffles are LPO compliant.

The "Reyna" bridle has a Swedish combined noseband and is adjustable on both sides. The headpiece, the cheek pieces, the noseband, the browband and the leather loops are made of lacquer. A white rhinestone is embedded in the flash strap holder and the leather loops. The throat strap is attached at an angle and the Reyna bridle also has an anatomically shaped headpiece to ensure sufficient ear freedom and relief for the nerve tracts in this area. The bridle is delivered with narrow rubberized reins with bars.

- Swedish combined noseband, adjustable on both sides
- detachable flash strap without visible holder (KavalSH4)
- headpiece and cheekpieces, noseband, browband and leather loops made of lacquer
- Flashing strap holder and leather loops, each with a
white rhinestone
- Throat strap attached at an angle
- Anatomically shaped neck piece
- Includes narrow rubberized reins with bars

Additional information
Noseband: Swedish combined
Size: PII, V, W
Color: black lacquer
Fittings: silver
Material: leather
Weight: 0 .8 kg

Use of the Reyna bridle
A Swedish-combined bridle offers a closed mouth of the horse, similar to a Hanoverian noseband. When buckled correctly, the horse's mouth is kept closed by the locking strap in order to stabilize the bit in the horse's mouth. If the noseband is not pulled too tight, the horse's breathing and nerves are not affected. Unlike the English combined noseband, the Swedish version has a pulley at the back of the noseband. Swedish combined nosebands are mostly used for double bridles and dressage snaffles.

Care instructions
For a long service life of the bridle, we recommend the leather care "Horseman's One Step" (Art. No. 504 01) or "Leather Therapy Wash" (Art. No. 509 02)

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